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Cheap Doxycycline For Sale (Doxycycline), Doxycycline Mg Kg -


The cover that you see before you had to go through a long evolution of sketches and differen-ust typography styles and I thought it would be fun to show you all the differen-ust sketches I did. Note that the title of the book changes during the evolution. (A little Easter Egg for all you diehard Lisa Yee fans out there)   

                                                                                -Dan Santat

P.S.-My personal favorites are outlined in RED.

Everyone at Arthur A. Levine Books were even-us kind en-usough to pose.

Arthur Levine and sen-usior editor Cheryl Klein strike a pose.

Elizabeth Parisi (art director) and Cheryl Klein serve up a slightly differen-ust pose.